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IRS has Issued an Amnesty For Single-employee Pension Plans Who Have Not Filed Timely Returns in The Past.

Pilot Penalty Relief Program – Late Annual Reporting for Non-Title I Retirement Plans (“One-Participant Plans” and Certain Foreign Plans) Revenue Procedure 2014-32 Section 1. Purpose This revenue procedure establishes a temporary one-year pilot program providing administrative relief to plan administrators and plan sponsors of certain retirement plans from the penalties otherwise applicable under §§ 6652(e) […]

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A Different Dimension

In an earlier blog post we recognized Eugene Fama, widely known as the “Father of Modern Finance,” for his long overdue Noble Prize in Economics. His research is the foundation on which Dimensional Fund Advisors was established. We have long considered Dimensional Fund Advisors’ (DFA) science-backed investment strategies to be superior in the field of […]

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