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Family Business Succession – A Simple Getting Started Guide

You’ve spent your life building and running a successful business, and now you’re ready to pass it on. You’ve identified your successor – your precious offspring. Great! Now what? There are many steps between here and your end goal of passing your baby to your babies (the next generation), and a well-executed transition takes several […]

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Decision Making in Your Family Business: A Guide for Owners

Group decision making is a topic that has spawned many academic studies, books, and white papers. It is never easy to get a group of human beings to make a decision together. It’s hard enough for a single individual to make a decision! Add to the mix more people with their cultural differences, values, needs, […]

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Fair Process for Decision Making in Family Businesses

Dear Richard, I have enjoyed reading your blog posts over the years. My parents are in the process of transitioning the ownership and management of our family’s business to my brother, sister, and me. All three of us are in our mid to late thirties and have worked our way up in the business for […]

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Should you spend money on Experiences?

In this New York Times article, Carl Richards confirms an important lesson I learned for myself many years ago: It’s fine to spend money on memorable experiences. Earlier in life, I was certain that the wisest and most prudent use of discretionary money was to invest it into assets that would appreciate in value, like […]

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