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Market Update: 3.17.09

Last week brought a collective sigh of relief from investors all across the globe. You could just feel the tension escaping into outer space, where no doubt, everyone would prefer it stays. Stocks turned in their best week since last November, and over the four day period of Tuesday through Friday, the Dow Jones Industrials […]

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Market Update: 2.24.09

We have experienced more heavy downward volatility over the past two weeks, culminating with a 250 point drop yesterday. Stocks have dropped 14% over just the last nine trading days and are off a total of 19% just since the beginning of the year. I’d like to discuss some significant historical bear markets to help […]

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Market Update: 2.16.09

At long last, March turned out to be the best month for stocks in over 75 years. The markets appear to have gotten over the idea that the financial system might be on the brink of collapse after several of the largest banks in the nation reported being profitable in January and February on an […]

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Market Update

This could be one of the most important updates I have written in my 24 years as an investment advisor. The reason is that I sense that most, if not all of you, are so sick and tired of reading and hearing negative economic news, and seeing your Schwab accounts going down in value month […]

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