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The Year of Disasters That Never Occurred

Judging by the headlines in the financial press, investors spent much of the past year anxiously awaiting one calamity after another that failed to occur. The plunge off the so-called fiscal cliff was averted. The euro zone did not fall apart. China’s economy and stock market did not crash. The bond market did not implode. […]

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Automobile Insurance Basics

This month we decided to explore the oh-so-exciting and increasingly complicated topic of automobile insurance, which can be a great blessing or a great disappointment. Our hope is to never need to use it and often feel we are paying too much for the coverage, but the reality is everyone needs auto insurance if they […]

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On Death and Dying

My father passed away in June at the age of 82. He had been ill for about six weeks and in helping him through the process of choosing the right path with his health, taking care of him during his last weeks, and in dealing with the family and financial issues that came up after […]

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