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Should you spend money on Experiences?

In this New York Times article, Carl Richards confirms an important lesson I learned for myself many years ago: It’s fine to spend money on memorable experiences. Earlier in life, I was certain that the wisest and most prudent use of discretionary money was to invest it into assets that would appreciate in value, like […]

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How the Economic Machine Works – An Educational Video

Without enrolling in your local university, it’s difficult to find good educational information on how our economy and markets function. There’s a lot of misinformation out there, sometimes masked as marketing or entertainment (most financial “news”). Finally, we have discovered and excellent 30 minute video that explains how money flows in our economy, with an […]

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The Retirement Manifesto

The Biggest Surprises in Retirement By GLENN RUFFENACH Wall Street Journal, Wealth Management Journal Report, Monday February 13, 2017 We asked readers to tell us about the things they didn’t anticipate when they stopped working. They had plenty to say. “I could make a major time commitment to doing something purely for my pleasure” | […]

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