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Market Update: Third Quarter 2016

Well, we ended up having a pretty calm summer after all. With the Brexit vote that started out the season, it looked like it might be anything but calm, but over the ensuing months, the market handled every piece of bad news like it was nothing. Even September, a month that has had some of […]

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History on the Run

Today we thought we’d share a recent article by Dimensional Fund’s VP, Jim Parker. It discusses the futility of  responding to the “crisis of the day,” because very soon, that crisis will be forgotten as the world’s investor community lurches forward to the next big story that will capture everyone’s eyeballs for a day or […]

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Being on a Roll, Part 2: Removing the Obstacles to Having an Effortless and Thriving Personal and Family Life

As we discussed previously, if we are going to be “on a roll” in our personal, business, and family lives, focusing on what is going right will generate more of those things that are going well.  Having this focus is like plugging ourselves into an unlimited personal source of power. In contrast, focusing on what’s […]

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