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The Brexit

As I write this at 9 PM on Thursday night, it is looking like Britain could be leaving the European Union. They are still tabulating the results of today’s UK nonbinding referendum results, and with about 2/3 of the precincts reporting, those voters favoring “leaving” the EU constitute about 52% of the electorate, while those […]

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Sell in May and Go Away!

Richard Del Monte discusses the well-documented seasonal trend with solid historical numbers behind the old adage “Sell in May and Go Away.” It begs the question: Should investors follow the this trend?  Richard joined “The Four” on 2 for the KTVU Fox 2 “Money Monday” segment and explains this prevailing market lore.

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Breaking the Monopoly of the Rich

Richard Del Monte joined The Four on 2, for KTVU Fox 2’s Money Monday, and informed investors of the new rule, risks, and rewards associated with investing in startup companies. Part of the new legislation was aimed at making it easier for average people to invest in startups, potentially reaping the rewards on the next […]

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