Welcome to A Place of Possibility Podcast! Team DMG is thrilled that you’re here. To kick things off hosts, Richard Del Monte and Angela Wright introduce each other and share more about how they started working together over 13 years ago. Fun Fact: great things do happen over a good Cesar salad. You’ll also hear more about the show, why Richard and Angela are doing this podcast, their vision, and what you can expect from each episode.  

Bottom line, this isn’t dull money talk. This is optimistic, no-nonsense, out-of-the-box insights to make your decisions about financial wellness smarter, and this team wastes no time diving in. Richard and Angela share a case study on a commonly discussed topic about the stock market and answers some important questions about cryptocurrency and investing. You’ve only just met the expertise behind DMG and a Place of Possibility Podcast, but these hosts are raring to go, and can’t wait to meet you back here for the next episode. So get your questions ready, and let’s go! 

Highlights from Episode #00: 

  1. Thank you for listening to our first episode of A Place of Possibility Podcast! We’re excited you’re here and can’t wait to hear your feedback because this show is for you! 
  2. Don’t lose faith in the future. Stay optimistic.  
  3. Don’t buy-in on the media hype – it’s for entertainment.  

Time-stamped Show Notes:  

1:30 – Meet Richard and Angela and find out what led them to work together. 

6:40 – Find out why you should be listening to A Place of Possibility. 

9:27 – This is the vision for the show. 

10:38 – Richard and Angela share the format that you can expect for each episode.  

14:30 – Angela and Richard dive into “Money Matters,” a case study on the financial markets to get your feet wet.  

19:56 – Remember people on TV reporting about finances are there for entertainment purposes–don’t buy into what they are feeding you.  

22:20 – Richard and Angela weigh in on investing in cryptocurrency. 

26:30 – Listen in as Angela and Richard share some final thoughts. 


Have questions about what you’ve heard in this episode? Interested in working with Richard or Angela? You can reach the Del Monte Group offices by calling 925.736.6410, send an email to info@aplaceofpossibility.com, or to schedule an appointment, visit the DMG team calendar today.  

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