If you’re thinking about purchasing a home or refinancing, chances are you’ve got a ton of information flying at you. And with that, you probably have many questions, like: What’s the current mortgage rate? What type of loan is the best deal for me? What exactly do I need to know about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Does the Fed actually have an impact on rates? And the list goes on. Trying to keep up with the ever-evolving mortgage market can be a job, literally. Surprisingly, people tend to have more opportunities than they realize. In a new episode of A Place of Possibility, Richard and Angela are joined by Senior Loan Officer, Erin Ekstrum, of Wymac Capital, Inc.  

With over 20 years of experience, it’s safe to say Erin has seen it all, and we’re excited to have her discuss the ins and outs of mortgages, along with some tips on how to better leverage a mortgage. In this episode we will cover:  

  • The different types of loans 
  • New loan limits for 2022
  • Pre-approval insights for first-time buyers 
  • The current state of the mortgage and home buying markets  
  • Why you should really take advantage of the current low rates NOW

And more!  

Our goal is to help you get closer to mortgages, the market, and the processes that go along with this financial tool. We want to help you protect and make the most of your greatest real estate assets. So, we invite you to download a copy of our guide below, find a cozy spot, and press play. 

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“If you don't really go through the step of pulling your credit (for pre-approval), forget everything else. You're shooting yourself in the foot. You won’t know what's going to happen when it's time to actually get a loan.”

We’re proud to present you with our “Know Your Possibilities Checklist,” a tool and free resource for you to take notes, review, keep on hand, or even share with your friends and family. So grab your copy, click the play button, and follow along. You’re just minutes away from discovering your next Place of Possibility.

A Glance at this Episode:

2:00 – Richard and Angela share some coveted tips on opportunities in I Bonds that are worth their weight in money. Press play!

6:25 – Let’s start by defining the different types of loans out there. First up is conforming loans.

9:29 – Great news about conforming loans! Listen in as Erin shares insights on how little you can put down on these loans

11:58 – Start listening now as Erin shares insights on how she advises her clients when determining how much they can afford.

15:00 – What does “pre-approval” really mean?

16:45 – Listen as Erin shares some insights on the current state of the mortgage market.

19:16 – How much impact does the Fed have on mortgage interest rates? Start listening now as Erin answers this commonly asked question.

20:16 – Want to get an idea of where the mortgage rates are? Hint, you’ll never get a direct answer. You’ll only be following trends.

21:28 – Confused about what “paying your rate down” really means? Erin has answers!

23:11 – How do you decide what type of loan to get, whether you’re getting a good deal, or if it makes sense to refinance?

27:49 – Press play to hear Erin talk about the nifty service at Wymac Capital called Rate Analyzer.

31;09 – If someone is inquiring about paying off their mortgage, here are some things to consider.


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Get in touch with Erin!

Erin Ekstrum

Senior Loan Officer

  • California Department of Real Estate license 01337900
  • Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System 273907
  • All loans are provided through third parties

Cell: 925.766.1352

Email: Erin@Wymac.com



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