More often than not, financial conversations tend to be a challenge. After all, money has been proven to be a significant stressor on marriage and familial relationships. Nearly half of all marriages end in divorce, and one of the two biggest reasons is that darn green stuff. And when we’re young, the majority of us are taught that talking about money is taboo. How many of you remember your parents telling you not to talk money or politics at the dinner table? Yes, we see those hands out there. The problem is, talking money is one of the most critical conversations you can have with your significant other. You can’t just sweep a spending or saving problem under the rug. That will just cause more issues. If you bring two different viewpoints to the table, that’s okay. You need to hash things out, but we get it. Money is tricky, so we’re here to help.

In a new episode of A Place of Possibility™, we are thrilled to welcome guest Andy Bryce to the show. Andy is a therapist with more than 30 years of experience helping couples and families with their relationships. Over the years, Andy has helped us break down challenging financial conversation barriers with our clients. In this episode, we’re discussing some of the psychology behind certain financial perspectives and how to approach money discussions with your significant other effectively. We will discuss:

  • Why a person’s background is a major obstacle
  • Spouse expectations and how they impact the conversation
  • The role of power and powerlessness
  • Vulnerability
  • Tactics to avoid conflict

And more!

The time is now, folks. If you’ve been putting off these types of conversations, find a quiet spot, grab your partner, and press play. It’s not too late to get started and find a solution. We hope that you will be able to turn this discussion into a bonding moment for your relationship rather than a breaking point.

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“Most of the adults I work with are often running their lives based on decisions they made before they were ten years old. And so, you have people coming from a background where it was dangerous to say anything, or you have a background where everybody is very restrained, and we don’t talk about things. Or you can come from a big Italian family like Richard’s, and you just talk about everything really loud, many times over.”

We’re proud to present you with our “Know Your Possibilities Guide,” a tool and free resource for you to take notes, review, keep on hand, or even share with your friends and family. So grab your copy, click the play button, and follow along. You’re just minutes away from discovering your next Place of Possibility.

A Glance at this Episode:

1:37 – Getting your financial house in order has to start somewhere, right? Goal setting is that place, and if you’re wondering what goals you should be thinking about, Richard has the answers.

6:28 – Why is it that a person’s background is a big obstacle and limits their ability to have difficult conversations? Guest Andy Bryce weights in.

8:42 – How does a spouse’s expectation affect how an important conversation will go? Start listening now to find out.

11:00 – Does power play a significant role in relationships? Yes. Andy shares how he has seen the power role play out with clients.

12:06 – While power does play a role in relationships, so does powerlessness. Here’s what you need to know.

14:02 – Start listening now to discover the signs that someone is feeling powerless.

15:41 – Andy shares some interesting thoughts on vulnerability and what that looks like to a couple or in family dynamics.

17:41 – What is it about being right? Why is that so darn important to people?

20:14 – Listen as Andy talks about the six different ways of being right.

25:18 – What happens if a conflict between partners isn’t resolved? What happens then?

23:17 – We don’t want a war! No one wants to fight. So, how do we avoid resistance, resentment, and revenge? Hint: Communication is key here.

28:07 – A common theme in all of this is feeling heard. But feeling heard doesn’t necessarily mean we need our partner to agree or solve a problem for us. Let’s discuss.

30:33 – Listen in as Richard and Angela model how a financial conversation can go and an important “perspective conversation” technique used to solve the disagreement.

44:09 – Truth be told, this is a hard conversation to have with a partner. It takes a lot of willingness and practice. Start listening to hear a couple of pro tips from Richard, Angela, and Andy.

47:28 – Q&A: COVID has impacted our finances greatly. Do you have any recommendations on how to help relationships during this unique time?

48:55 – What if one of the participants won’t come to the table on these crucial conversations?


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