It’s hard to turn on the T.V., pick up the newspaper, or look at social media without seeing something about Russia, Ukraine, sanctions, gas, oil, etc. The list goes on. There’s so much noise and so much misinformation that it’s hard to know what’s what and how the Russian invasion is and will continue to impact the rest of the world and us here at home. So, to help sift through the information overload, we’re thrilled to welcome former U.S. Ambassador to Germany, John Emerson, to the show.

John works in global distribution as the vice chairman of Capital Group International, Inc. and has over 20 years of experience with the firm. He most recently served as the United States ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany. In 2015, John was awarded the State Department’s Susan M. Cobb Award for Exemplary Diplomatic Service, which is given annually to one non-career ambassador, and in 2017 he was awarded the CIA Medal and the U.S. Navy’s Distinguished Public Service award. Before accepting the ambassadorial posting, John was president of Capital Group Private Client Services. Prior to joining Capital, he was deputy assistant to President Clinton, where he coordinated his economic conferences, served as the president’s liaison to the nation’s governors, and led the administration’s efforts to obtain congressional approval of the GATT Uruguay Round Agreement and the extension of China’s MFN trading status. Additionally, he was appointed by President Obama to serve on his Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations.

Interestingly enough, John was ambassador to Germany from 2013 to 2017, right when the whole Ukraine crisis started, so he’s observed the issues taking place overseas from the beginning. In this episode, we will be tackling some of the hard-hitting questions about the Russian invasion, including,

  • What Putin’s trying to accomplish with the invasion
  • How effective sanctions are
  • How the Ukrainians have been able to hold off the mighty Russian army for this long
  • If there will be serious long-term repercussions to our financial markets

And more.

While the situation is still very much unfolding, and we may have a way to go before we see an end to this crisis, we hope this episode and the insights from John will help ease your mind. We thank you for taking the time to listen or watch this episode, and we’ll catch you behind the microphone.

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“The bad news is there is no ready replacement for Russian oil and gas at the level that Europe is dealing with. We can figure that out in the United States. We got only a million barrels a day from Russia, which is maybe less than 5% of our oil and gas needs. We can figure that out and, ultimately, deal with it through domestic production. They can’t.”

A Glance at this Episode:

0:00 Introduction

3:21 John shares some insights on Vladimir Putin and reveals if he's ever met him during his time as Ambassador.

4:41 Next, John weighs in on why he believes Putin took action to invade Ukraine and what he thinks his endgame is.

7:41 Many of us have seen reports that Russians expect Ukrainians to welcome them with open arms. Listen in to hear the Ambassador's response.

10:12 The next big question, one that we're all thinking, is how have the Ukrainians managed to hold off Putin and the Russians for so long? Press play for this discussion now!

16:08 Let's talk sanctions. What is the purpose? How will they help?

20:29 How is China going to deal with the Russian invasion? Is it going to help them to be on Putin's side?

26:06 How is the energy issue in Europe impacted by all of this?

28:37 Our clients, and many Americans, want to know the long-term repercussions to the stock market and US investors. Here's what the Ambassador had to say.

32:47 From all of the Ambassador's insights so far, it sounds like we're going to come out of this crisis stronger and more resilient. Listen is as John provides some more outlook predictions post-crisis.

34:49 There seem to be many questions about the isolation and well-being of Vladimir Putin. What's really going on there? Let's discuss.

38:20 As consumers of social media, we see all sorts of real-time material and access to instant reports. How has this instant information impacted warfare?

42:42 Who are the helpers of Ukraine?

45:04 If folks want to engage in response efforts, what resources should they look to?

46:17 Audience Question: Is Russia now going to be in a perpetual failed state like North Korea, or can they come back from this?


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