When it comes to financial planning, we always begin with the end in mind. What do we want to do, where do you want to go in life, etc., and then we apply capital to achieve that goal. We have many clients who talk about setting goals for higher net worth, and that’s a great goal to have. We make that happen. However, in the end, we find that clients aren’t fulfilled. You may be thinking, “but, if we’re not doing something productive with our money, what’s the point,” right? Wrong! Your most cherished memories aren’t, “oh hey, I made a million dollars,” they are family vacations or giving back to others–investing in yourself and those around you. If you cherish values of connectedness, adventure, or whatever that may be, why aren’t you investing in that? 

In this new episode of A Place of Possibility, we’re diving into discussion on aligning money and values. This includes:  

  • How to recognize your values 
  • What true money/values alignment might look like 
  • Why you should invest in the darned vacation  
  • How to get back on track if your actions aren’t aligned with your behavior 
  • If family time or vacations aren’t your thing, how else can you integrate your values and financial decisions 

And more!  

It’s time to stop struggling and start enjoying the wealth you have, regardless of how much you have. Start thinking about your most cherished moments in life, and let’s take a look at if you’re investing in even more of those moments now. So join us, grab your headphones, and press play. 

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“But it’s this idea that you are experiencing the kind of fulfillment that you don’t get in your daily life because you’re actually doing the thing that you say is most important to you.”

A Glance at this Episode:

3:01 – Listen in as Richard and Angela give a Biden Tax Plan update. 

8:30 – Every financial planning goal tends to start with this conversation. Press play to find out more.  

9:29 – Does money truly bring you happiness in life? No! So, why is money so important? Let’s discuss.  

10:54 – You say you want to spend more time with your family but can’t stop working. Sound familiar? Start listening now to hear more about money/value misalignment.  

18:08 – If you have extra money, think you should constantly save, or are looking for more ways to make it productive, stop. Listen to this.  

20:12 – Aligning your money with your values is something that you can do no matter what your capital looks like. Here’s how… 

23:19 – What are some of your most cherished memories? Does this family vacation sound like something your family would do? 

28:37 – What the heck is a vacation , daddy? It might not be what you think… but maybe you know someone like this! 

30:10 – Start listening now to hear the real reason behind this shift in mindset.  

31:03 – Looking to change your mindset too? Here are some ideas.  

34:40 – We’re using families and vacations as examples to align values and money, but there are A LOT of other ways to do this. Listen here for more tips and strategies.  

37:29 – What if you haven’t even defined your values yet? No problem, we have some ideas to help.  

40:58 – So what happens if you realize you’re in a place where your actions aren’t aligned with your behavior, but you’re just stuck? 

41:58 – Q&A: Should You Buy Travel Insurance?


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Links/Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

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