Advising You at the Intersection of Life and Wealth

A Family’s Legacy is More Than Just Material Wealth, It’s About Values and Generations to Come

It’s no secret that the financial success you’ve achieved represents an integral part of the love and care you’ve dedicated to your children’s wellbeing. As parents, we all aspire to create a bright future—full of possibility and opportunity—for those who follow us, and we hope the wealth we leave them will help facilitate this worthy goal.

Many families find it challenging to have meaningful conversations about money and wealth. Yet, time and again, we’ve seen inherited wealth cause issues among younger family members that can be difficult to manage. At Del Monte Group, our goal is to help unify a family through a common vision and shared values.

If you need help weaving intention and thoughtfulness into your family wealth transitions, family business succession, or heir preparation, we’re here to help. It takes more than just typical estate planning to ensure your family integrity and financial legacy will live on.

Are you looking for more insights and solutions? Get a copy of our book, Endless Inheritance and take a closer look at the financial planning aspects families should consider, tips on addressing interpersonal relationships, and strategies that ensure a family’s wealth and harmony will last for generations to come.

Philanthropic Planning – Give Meaning to Your Wealth

Family philanthropy provides a way to express a passion for helping others and encourages socially responsible behavior. In addition, it offers priceless fulfillment to the donors, and it’s one way important family values get passed down to future generations.

Involving and mentoring children and grandchildren in the family’s giving prepares these rising generations for the great responsibility of having wealth. In addition, multigenerational family meetings about social causes and value-based priorities to include in a philanthropic plan are vital components in the successful transfer of wealth.

At Del Monte Group, we help client families strategize, execute, and accomplish their philanthropic goals. Our team has extensive experience in customizing solutions that engage the whole family.

The future of your wealth starts here. Schedule an appointment with Richard or Angela today and ensure that your wealth has meaning for generations to come.