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For decades, Richard Del Monte and Angela Wright have been unpacking creative strategies to help clients understand how to make the most of their financial resources. To Richard and Angela, A Place of Possibility means assisting clients in making all your goals a reality – even if sometimes, they aren't money-related. Now they are taking their expertise to the next level by bringing these out-of-the-box solutions straight to a streaming service near you. Tapping into decades of experience in the finance and business sectors, Richard and Angela will tackle timely topics and connect with like-minded industry professionals to educate, inform, and help you actually take the necessary steps to live more of the life you want to live today, tomorrow and for the rest of your lifetime. It's time to find more than just wealth management. It's time to find your Place of Possibility.


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050: Your Guide to an Out-of-State Retirement Relocation
049: Tips to Unlock New Financial Successes in 2024
048: Your Ultimate Guide to 2023 Year-End Tax and Financial Planning
047: What's Going on in the Bay Area Housing Market?
046: Preventing and Recognizing Elder Abuse
045: Want to Retire on a Lump Sum? Here’s How
044: Senior Living Options: What’s Right for Me?
043: Why is Pre-Need Planning for Funeral and Cemetery Arrangements So Important?
042: Could a Family Legacy Documentary Help Preserve Your History and Family’s Future?
041: Planning for Retirement? Avoid These 10 Investment Blunders
040 Is a Home Maintenance Plan Worth It? Will it Save You Money?
039: What Legal Documents Does My 18-Year-Old Need?
038: How Do Investors Drive Positive Social Change Through Sustainable Investing?
037: What are the Seven Critical Times in Life That Require Estate Planning?
036: Do We Really Need Stock Market Predictions?
035: How Do I Protect My Money During a Banking Crisis?
034: Rossmoor Financial Forum: The 3 I’s – Inflation, Interest Rates, and Investing
033: The Secure Act 2.0 is Here: How Does it Affect My Retirement Plans?
032: The Top Financial Strategies That May Seem Illegal, But Aren’t
031: The Promise & Pitfalls of Debt & Credit
030: IPOs – Road to Riches or Path to Poverty?
029: What Tax-Saving and Financial Planning Moves Should I Make Before Year-End?
028: What You Need to Know When Picking Your Medicare Plan
027: The Current State of Property Insurance — Are You Really Covered for a Loss?
026: Powerful One-of-a-Kind Strategies to Help You Amass Your Own Real Estate Empire Now
025: How to Improve Your Investment Returns and Lower Your Tax Bill with Tax-Loss Harvesting
024: The Real Estate Market Has Hit a Turning Point. Changes in the Home Buying and Investing Game
023: Downsizing, Relocating, or Assisted Living? How to Prepare for a Senior Move
022: Reverse Mortgages: When Do They Make Sense & What You Need to Know
021: Recession 101: History, Indicators, Planning, and More
020: Yes, Cash is Still King and Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Leave it in the Bank
019: Make Sure Your Estate Plan Still Works for You and Your Family
018: Former US Ambassador to Germany Talks Russia Invasion, Your Portfolio, and Market Impact
017: Using a Family Meeting to Explain Your Estate Plan to Your Children
016: How to Have the “Money Talk” with Your Partner
015: Standing Your Ground: Navigating Market Meltdowns Like a Champ
#014 How to Keep Money from Ruining Your Marriage
#013 One Week Left to Save a Bundle on Your 2021 Taxes
012: A Course in Mortgages with Erin Ekstrum
011: Planned Successes, Unplanned Failures
010: How to Pick the Right Investments for YOU!
09: Alphabet Soup a Medicare Tell-All to Get You Ready for Enrollment
08: Annuities: Everything You Never Wanted to Know
07: Vacation Daddy: Integrating Your Values with Your Financial Decisions
06: What’s Up with Inflation? Watch or Listen in to Deflate Your Anxiety
05: Retirement Plan Options for Small Businesses
04: Biden’s Tax Plan: What’s Proposed, Enacted, and How to Plan
03: Roth IRA: How to Build a Tax-Free Retirement
02: Why Should I Invest in Real Estate?
01: How to Retire on a Lump Sum
00: Welcome to A Place of Possibility