Family Meetings & Retreats

Family governance establishes the process through which a family discusses and makes joint decisions about things like philanthropic giving, family business & investments, estate plans, shared values, and issues of fairness within the family. It’s also a perfect venue for resolving problems, training the rising generation, and having fun together.

One of the best ways to successfully implement the family governance process is through regular family meetings. At DMG, we help successful families plan and conduct these meetings as part of our family coaching and business succession services.

Empowering Extraordinary Families

Family meetings empower your family by encouraging open communication, establishing clarity, and identifying a shared purpose for your family’s wealth and time together. These meetings allow you to create the required conditions that allow your family members to have extraordinary lives.

A successful family meeting requires that the family have a clear leadership structure in place as well as good communication and conflict resolution skills. It’s a good idea to allow an experienced, trained facilitator to help establish these within the family for at least the first several meetings.

At DMG, we have decades of experience helping successful families thrive by sharing our knowledge and objective perspectives at client family meetings. We use a multi-generational approach to lead families through the often daunting process of passing on wealth and wisdom to the younger family members.

We help you plan and then facilitate your family meeting so that it provides a comfortable, supportive environment to discuss family projects, business endeavors, charitable giving, family development, and other important matters.

Ensuring that your family continues to thrive tomorrow requires involving the younger generations in the family development process today. We do this by engaging younger family members in age-appropriate wealth education, philanthropic experiences, giving them valuable experience resolving and avoiding conflicts, and providing them leadership opportunities within the family.

The DMG team facilitates these meetings by providing wealth and leadership education that includes activities such as:

• Outside speakers to address topics of interest

• One-on-one mentoring sessions

• Age-based educational activities

• Leadership skills preparation

• Conflict and problem solving

• Fun, open, and intentional environment

This fun, supportive and enriching environment builds strong bonds and provides opportunities for creating countless happy memories. Most importantly, by involving each family member from the youngest to the oldest, regular family meetings foster a culture of learning, growing, planning, and staying together.