Family Wealth Transitions

It’s no secret that the financial success you’ve achieved represents an important part of the love and care you’ve dedicated to your children’s well being. As parents, we all aspire to create a bright future — full of possibility and opportunity — for those who follow us and we hope the wealth we leave them will help facilitate this worthy goal.

Sadly, inherited wealth often does a great deal to inhibit younger family members from achieving their full potential and living meaningful lives. The wealth parents pass on is frequently associated with destructive and debilitating behaviors among children and grandchildren.

You’ve heard the stories and probably witnessed this happening in families you know personally. You whisper reassurances to yourself and hope against hope that your family will be one of the lucky ones.

Why leave your family’s future to chance by relying on hope, luck, restrictive trusts, and good intentions?

It takes more than just the typical estate planning to ensure your family’s integrity and the financial legacy you leave survives past your children and to similarly benefit future generations.

Introducing Living in Possibility™

DMG is one of the only firms in the United States that helps successful families gain clarity about their unique and self-defined journey to becoming a multi-generational — the only way to ensure your wealth and family harmony continues for generations to come.

Some of the milestones that families experience on their journeys include:

  1. Each family member knows, honors, and develops personal talents and resources, and understands how these resources work as key contributors to the family’s success.
  2. The family recognizes communication dynamics, identifies unhealthy patterns or blind spots, and creates change where needed. The family develops and documents a shared vision for bettering both themselves, and the communities they care about.
  3. The family’s planning (financial, legal, business, philanthropic, etc.) seamlessly integrates with:
    • The family’s purpose
    • The active fulfillment of that purpose
  4. Money is a tool for families to unleash and achieve their greatest potential, now and in future generations.

The Journey to Possibility

At DMG, we founded our guiding principles on the ancient wisdom that the most successful humans know their purpose and apply that purpose to a life’s work.

We help families define what they need to flourish; then use certain methodologies to:

  1. Learn the family’s core strengths and challenges.
  2. Facilitate communication, leadership, conflict resolution, learning, and growth among all generations of the family.
  3. Mentor family members to trust and rely on each other.
  4. Guide the family to discover consensus for their purpose as a family.
  5. Document their vision and stated commitments to each other.
  6. Facilitate the active integration of their purpose, behaviors and decision making to ensure alignment with the use of their financial and other resources through family governance, family meetings, and structured decision making.
  7. Help family members explore issues and opportunities that involve financial and other resources to ensure their wealth remains an active tool for optimizing and deploying their documented vision.
  8. Help the family celebrate its history by ensuring each generation’s story and life lessons are remembered and preserved.
  9. Prepare heirs for the roles and responsibilities they’ll take on as stewards of wealth.

What outcomes do you want to achieve for your family?

We can get you there. It’s time to make it happen.