Wealth Management & Financial Planning

Cutting Edge Innovation. Aligning Investments With Purpose.

These two flow together to create a synergy that brings new balance to your life. You no longer have to focus on your portfolio’s performance, instead, you’ll clearly see how that money is working to serve you and your loved ones to create a thriving family experience.

Relationship Centered

We strive to build a lasting relationship with you. We want to understand all aspects of your situation and your vision for the future. Only then can we truly ensure that your investment strategy will positively impact your current situation and future vision. We draw on the experience and expertise of our internal team as well as relevant resources from our considerable external network of professionals. This allows us to give you complete, accurate, and timely advice when discussing and developing your investment strategy.

Clear And Concise Advice

We empower successful families like yours with the information you need to invest with confidence and determination. Our decades of experience allow us to take what seems like complex financial topics and distill them down to a simple, understandable form. When you meet with us, we give you straight answers and expert insight so you leave with a clear understanding of your unique challenges and opportunities.

Shield And Preserve

We’re not about making a slew of day trades to make a quick buck. Preserving the wealth you’ve already accumulated is a high priority for us. We don’t believe in taking risks that you won’t be compensated for. Instead, we take your unique situation and goals into account and use this insight in tandem with proven strategies to maximize return while minimizing risk.

Science-Based Investing

Investment performance isn’t the primary determiner of wealth – investment decisions are. When investors allow their emotions to dictate their reactions to market fluctuations, they make poor investment decisions. We take the emotion out of investing for you with The Performance Advantage™, our proprietary portfolio management service, so you can make the right decisions at the right time. The advice we give you is always backed up by the rock-solid foundation empirical evidence and proven investment strategies, never the flimsy undulations of intuition and emotion.

You see, rather than fretting over things we can’t control – like how the markets are going to behave over the next six-month period – we focus on things we can control:

  • Minimizing investment costs
  • Maximizing asset diversification and positioning
  • Portfolio tax efficiency
  • Opportunistic rebalancing
  • Making solid decisions

Solution Focused

We solve problems for you. Wealth management goes well beyond investment performance. We collaborate with you to solve concerns about:

  • Tax planning
  • Safe withdrawal strategies
  • Tax withholding issues
  • Social security claiming strategies
  • College planning
  • Protecting your wealth over generations

A Place of Possibility

In the end, it’s all about you and freeing you from the burdens associated with growing, protecting, and preserving your wealth. You were meant for more than that. As your advisor family, we focus on empowering you by simplifying complex ideas and processes, giving you clarity, and creating a space of peace and excitement in terms of your continued success. When the fog of conflicting information and uncertainty begins to lift, you’ll truly have the space to enjoy the thriving family experience you always dreamed of.

Our Statue of Liberty is inscribed with a poem, which reads, in part, “…Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” In a similar spirit, we as your advisor family, say, “Give us your resigned, confused, and frustrated, seeking for truth, simplicity and peace of mind.”