The DMG Team

Our firm, team and client base have been kept intentionally small and we’re very proud of this. Rapid growth can often be hasty and things tend to fall through the cracks. We work hard to provide truly personal solutions to our clients, and feel a small firm is the best way to do so. Our team really is a family (some of us are related by marriage!) who works very closely to ensure our clients have everything they need.

Here are the core values we live by: Excellence in reputation • Do everything with honor, authenticity and integrity • Innovation, challenge beliefs • Encourage, inspire, and lift everyone we touch • Treat everyone like family • Have fun • Our greatest satisfaction comes from seeing other people succeed as a result of our wisdom and skill

Click on a photo to learn more about each of our team members:

Richard M. Del Monte

Founder & President

Angela Wright

Partner & COO

Michelle Drury

Client Experience Partner

Chris Hughes

Partner & Wealth Advisor

Molly Rios

Client Service Manager

Who We Are

Since 1985 Del Monte Group (DMG) has been helping families find their Place of Possibility® through:
  • Integrated Wealth Management & Financial Planning
  • Family Wealth Coaching & Legacy Planning
  • Family Business & Succession Consulting
  • Preparing Heirs

We are nationally recognized experts helping clients create a Thriving Family Experience™, which has been proven to lead to successful multi-generational wealth transfers.

Clients who work with us care first and foremost about their families. They don’t want their wealth to be a destructive force in their heirs’ lives. They want it to enhance their children’s lives and empower them to be the best they can be. They understand that limiting the planning focus to financial, tax, legal, and business strategies is really putting the cart before the horse because wealth without purpose is one of the greatest enemies their family could ever face. They want advisors who also understand and embrace that important truth; advisors who will help them identify their most deeply desired outcomes around wealth and their family, and then guide them through their own unique and self-defined journey to becoming a Thriving FamilyTM.

Our client families enjoy fun, energizing and fulfilling family experiences based on our Living in Possibility® process that strengthens relationships, fosters communication, and cultivates stewardship of the family’s wealth. The families celebrate the momentum created when they are united around a common purpose for their wealth. The rising generations of the family are fully prepared to assume the roles and responsibilities they will be called upon to fulfill as the newly empowered family moves toward a future it has created for itself; one where all members of the family are thriving.

We manage their financial assets and investment portfolios to support them on their journeys, and facilitate collaboration with their entire team of advisors to help them make their vision and purpose become reality. Clients enjoy a firm they can trust to help them make investment decisions that support their overall goal. Perhaps most importantly, we educate and empower client families so they can become successful investors in their own right. Investing becomes an enlivening and educational experience for the entire family.

THIS is a Place of Possibility®