You may think you’re the only person feeling out of sorts these days, or you may wonder WHY you feel out of sorts. But you should know that a lot of us are experiencing a nagging sense of disorientation about ourselves and the world around us. 2020 continues to be an unsettling year.

The pandemic, which seemed in the summer to be slowly receding, has found new life in many states. Most of us are beyond tired of social distancing, foregone vacations, and not spending time physically interacting with our friends, children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters. Meanwhile, the toxic politics in America, and sharp divisions, create their own burden of mental uncertainty.

Deep inside, we know that there are many things that need fixing in America, and we’re even divided about what those things are and how to approach them. Meanwhile, the economic outlook is uncertain and the U.S. government is breaking every record for deficits.

The point here is not that things are hopeless; chances are, you’re among the lucky ones compared with so many others who have lost their jobs or are looking at the possibility of being evicted from their homes. But we should all recognize that this is a good time to practice a little self-compassion. More than ever in recent memory, this is a good time to give ourselves a break, and to reach out to the people we care about. In times like these, we have to lean on each other.

We recognize that your finances are very important, but we also know that your quality of life is that much more important – that’s what A Place of Possibility is about, after all. You should know, as we do, that YOU are important.

If you’re inclined to get in touch and share your uncertainties about the future, we can promise a deep interest in your situation and your concerns. We may not have all (or any) of the answers. But there are times when a good conversation about what’s important in your life can result in better insights, and sometimes a sense that we’re not alone in our uncertainties. We’re here waiting for your call.



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