Welcome to the Family

The DMG Experience Starts Here

Our firm, team, and client base have been kept small intentionally, and we’re very proud of this. Rapid growth can often be hasty, and things tend to fall through the cracks, but not at Del Monte Group. We work hard to provide truly personalized solutions to our clients; we’re hands-on at every stage. And when we say family, we mean it.  We work very closely to ensure our clients have everything they want and need. So, if you need someone to talk to, and mom’s not available, give us a call… No, really!

Meet Our Expertise

Richard Del Monte, JD, CFP®

Co-Founder & CEO

Angela Wright, CFP®


Annie Rin, MOAB AIF®

Client Service Administrator

Liam Cody

Project Manager

Leonardo Bojorquez®, AWMA®