In this day and age, who needs cash, right? You’ve got your debit card, credit card, and digital wallet. That should cover it. Well, sort of. We’re here to shut down all the myths and tell you that cash is making a comeback. Yes, that green paper with presidential faces and numbers, the dollars and cents you have in your pocket, and the stuff that’s chilling in your checking and savings accounts. It’s essential to have that liquidity, but did you know that instead of just letting it sit there like a bump on a log, it can actually get up to a 2% + return? We know, mind blown!

In this episode of A Place of Possibility™, we are diving into all things cash and why it’s important to be prepared in today’s world and economy. We will discuss:

  • How much you should have on hand
  • If you should have cash in your investment account
  • Six options to help you get a reasonable rate of return
  • FDIC Insurance

And more.

So, if you don’t have cash readily available or if you do and it’s just sitting in the bank, this is your sign to make some changes to get yourself prepared with liquidity and make a little extra on what you do have. Let’s get started. We’re excited to share our insights from this show.

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“You can’t afford to sit on the money, folks. Here are six really significant opportunities. I hope you’re getting that message because we’re trying to drive it home.”

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A Glance at this Episode:
0:00 Introduction

3:16 Let’s get started with the real nitty-gritty. What is cash?4:41 Now that we understand what cash is, let’s talk more about its’ features.

5:07 Having cash sounds pretty great, but how much should you have on hand? Press play now as we dive into the discussion.

6:44 Don’t like the sound of holding on to that money? Here are some other options for you.

7:38 Should I have any cash in my investment account?

8:44 Okay, it’s decided. I want to hold some of my cash. How do I get a good rate of return, so it’s not just sitting there doing nothing?

12:35 We’ve reviewed some good strategies, but if you want to get an outstanding rate of return on your money, this is where it’s at, folks, start listening NOW!

13:32 Treasury bills sound like a good opportunity, but what about getting liquidity and quick access to money? Angela and Richard detail important insights you need to know.

16:34 Another great option with a high rate of return is municipal bonds. Press play for money-making tip number five.

17:54 Option six: corporate bonds! But just be aware, they are risky.

21:43 Did you know that cash is insured through FDIC insurance?

23:59 Q&A: What kinds of deposit insurance do Fidelity, Vanguard, and Schwab offer?


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