Where stocks and other liquid assets are concerned, nearly all of us are familiar with the time-tested axiom, “Buy Low, Sell High.” But, as much as we try to adhere to that principle whenever possible, there are times when it does make sense to sell at a loss, specifically, when tax time rolls around, as doing so can provide some decided benefits. This is a strategy known as tax-loss harvesting, and despite its potential advantages, several factors must be taken into consideration before deciding whether to put it to use. And, please rest assured that no tractors or other farming equipment is involved.

In this new episode of A Place of Possibility™, we’ll cover the nuances of tax-loss harvesting, including the factors determining whether or not it makes sense in a given situation.

We’ll be talking about:

  • What tax-loss harvesting entails
  • Why tax-loss harvesting can be a powerful financial strategy at tax time
  • When tax-loss harvesting makes sense . . . and just as important. . . when it DOESN’T
  • An additional gifting strategy to fund college education that surprisingly quite often makes more sense than traditional college financing

And more!

Our objective with this episode is to enhance your understanding of this potentially powerful strategy that can substantially reduce your tax liability under the right circumstances. Because knowledge is power, right? We look forward to sharing some of our insights on tax-loss harvesting with you and hope you’ll pass this episode on to your family and friends.

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“Let’s say you’ve sold something in your portfolio that has a $50,000 capital gain this year, but you also have some holdings in your account that have lost money. If you wanted to recognize a $25,000 loss in the assets that have gone down, and sell those holdings during the same year that you recognize the $50,000 gain, you’ll only be paying tax on the net amount of $25,000. For a married couple that’s in California and has $150,000 of adjusted gross income, the tax savings are going to be almost $6100.”

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A Glance at this Episode:

0:00 Introduction

2:57 To kick off our discussion, let’s take a closer look at exactly what tax-loss harvesting is. And don’t worry, there is no manual labor involved.

4:00 Now that we know no crops involved in this type of harvesting, let’s go over how you put tax-loss harvesting to use.

5:42 Since many investments are purchased in increments — known as tax lots — and at varying prices, let’s examine how to approach tax-loss harvesting in this situation in order to maximize its benefits.

7:11 Start listening now to hear further insights from Richard and Angela on wisely choosing different assets and how to decide when to hold on to those new assets or sell them.

8:15 As you may have guessed, there are some caveats to consider when contemplating tax-loss harvesting. Here’s what you need to know.

9:10 Storytime! Let’s look at a few scenarios where tax-loss harvesting makes immediate sense.

11:47 Next, let’s examine a scenario where tax-loss harvesting makes sense, primarily if it will reduce tax liability brought on by real estate capital gains.

13:19 Not every financial scenario is conducive to this strategy. Let’s take a look at an example where it’s not a good idea to do tax-loss selling.

15:13 Knowing where you’re at in terms of gains and losses is important. It will help you know when to hold off on tax-loss harvesting. Listen in as Richard and Angela share more insights.

15:58 Now, let’s examine some stage of life milestones where correlated income spikes make tax-loss harvesting a logical strategy.

18:02 Q&A: Are there times when I should generate a capital gain instead of harvesting a loss? Yes, let’s discuss.

18:54 Did you know that you can gift an appreciated security to your college-bound children to help fund their education? And surprisingly, it makes considerably more sense than simply cutting a check, but the process must be navigated carefully. Press play for more on how to do this the right way.


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