In simple terms, retirement planning is what we do to prepare for life when we stop working – financially and via lifestyle choices. It’s about determining specific goals for this future time in our lives and how we can achieve them by identifying income sources, estimating expenses, building necessary savings plans, and much more. We all know that preparing for retirement is an important endeavor that you can never start too early.

However, it can be a challenge that even the savviest individual can struggle with, making mistakes that cost them significantly in the long run – especially if they are trying to do it on their own.

Here at Del Monte Group, we’ve seen it all. Decades of retirement planning experience have given us deep insights into what works and doesn’t. We know what it takes to get the most out of retirement, and we’ve learned how to avoid the pitfalls along the way. In this episode, we’re going over the top 10 retirement investing blunders, starting from the bottom of the list and working our way up to the number one mistake people make when planning for retirement.

We’ll be talking about:

  • How to plan for your retirement, when to start, and what options to consider
  • Unexpected things that could be affecting how much you’re putting away in retirement funds
  • How to get the most returns for your investments

And more!

Whether you’re just starting or have been saving for decades, this podcast applies to you! Retirement planning is crucial, and we want to ensure you’re not making any mistakes that will be detrimental to your overall financial and retirement health, so join us as we share our list and set the record straight!

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“We’ve seen people go into retirement and through to the end of their days. We’ve watched many people do it right, and many people make a ton of mistakes. So, we want to share things that can greatly impact your overall financial and retirement health.”

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A Glance at this Episode:

0:00 Introduction

2:20 We’re reviewing the top 10 biggest retirement mistakes people make, starting from the bottom of the list at number 10: Procrastination. This can be very detrimental. Why? Because of compound interest!

4:25 What exactly should people consider when planning for retirement? Start listening now; we’ll break it down for you!

6:25 The next retirement mistake on the list is the impact of inflation and income taxes on your future retirement income needs.

10:30 Number eight is relying on your spouse to fund your retirement. But this is risky because you assume you won’t have marriage troubles or your spouse is adequately prepared.

12:50 Do you know how much you should contribute to your 401(k) to get your company’s match? If you don’t, you’re one of the 72% of employees falling into the seventh most significant retirement mistake people make.

16:01 Number six is holding too much of your company stock. You MUST diversify and never have more than 10% of your portfolio in ANY asset.

18:39 The fifth biggest financial mistake when planning for retirement is being too emotional with your investments. Do NOT make money moves emotionally!

23:03 On to number four: Borrowing against your retirement account. When you take money out, you’re losing on compound interest, and losses become larger, but that’s just the start!

25:51 The third biggest financial mistake people make in planning for retirement is not naming or updating beneficiaries. Do you want your retirement funds to go to an ex?

28:09 The second biggest mistake, believe it or not, is being too conservative with your investments. The sweet spot is keeping between 40% and 70% of your portfolio in stocks.

29:50 Finally, the biggest retirement mistake people make is taking social security benefits too early. If you defer three extra years, you could gain an additional 24% increase in benefits!

33:32 Bottomline, retirement planning can be challenging. Working with a professional can help you ensure ALL bases are covered and that you’re making the best choices to maximize your money – you don’t know what you don’t know!


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