If you’re a homeowner, how often have you been overwhelmed by home repairs and maintenance? You find a problem, like a leak, and before you can even begin hiring someone, you must research to find out who to call. But how do you know where to start? And who can you really trust in your home?

And on top of all that, there’s cost. On average, homeowners spent nearly $6,000 on home maintenance and repairs in 2022. Even the most frugal, detail-oriented, and experienced budgeters can be overwhelmed with unexpected repairs and maintenance. How many minor repairs go ignored simply because you don’t want to deal with the headache of finding someone to fix them?

These are precisely the problems that Honey Homes set out to fix. Honey Homes is a service aimed at helping homeowners stay on top of their monthly to-dos and maintenance needs. The company exploded into a success, gaining over 800 members, completing over 20,000 tasks, and making over 10,000 handyperson visits within two years.

We sat down with Andrew Perroy, General Manager for Honey Homes here in the Bay Area, to discuss how you can keep your home in the condition you bought it in (or better!) and save time and money. Through his incredible insights from being with Honey Homes, you can learn tips and tricks here that you can’t get anywhere else.

In this episode of A Place of Possibility, we’ll be discussing:

  • The most common problems homeowners face, including minor and major home damage, how often these happen, and how much the average homeowner should set aside for home repairs.
  • Inside details on everything Honey Homes provides. Hint: it’s more than just regular home maintenance.
  • Special ways that Honey Homes is different from similar businesses, including their extensive handyperson screening process.
  • An in-depth look at how Honey Homes works, from their pricing model and app use to getting referrals for bigger repair projects.

And more!

As a homeowner, you do everything you can to protect and maintain what’s likely your most valuable asset – your home. But it’s a lot to keep up with knowing what work needs to be done, how often, who to call, and how much you should be budgeting. And even with the most careful planning and research, things can slip through the cracks, and repair costs can add up. This episode will help you determine better, more cost-effective ways of taking care of house repairs and maintenance.

P.S. Looking to meet with Richard or Angela at our office in Alamo, CA? Want to discuss more of what you heard in this episode? Wondering where the heck you need to get started or what all of this means for your retirement plans? Schedule a free 30-minute session and find the peace of mind you deserve for the rest of your life. You can also reach us by calling 925.736.6410 or sending an email to Info@APlaceOfPossibility.com.

“There are all these pain points that exist in general when trying to keep your home maintained. Honey Homes was created to eliminate that. ‘There’s got to be a better way,’ was the question our co-founders were asking themselves, which sparked this concept.”

We’re proud to present you with our “Know Your Possibilities Guide,” a tool and free resource for you to take notes, review, keep on hand, or even share with your friends and family. So grab your copy, click the play button and follow along. You’re just minutes away from discovering your next Place of Possibility.

A Glance at this Episode:

0:00 Introduction

2:05 Tis the season for back to school! We get a lot of questions about how to put money in and get money out of 529 accounts, so today, we’re going to start there.

3:12 What can 529 account funds be used for? Higher education expenses, tuition and fees for elementary and secondary school, off-campus housing, student loans after college graduation, and more!

4:19 And here’s what you cannot use 529 account funds for – transportation and insurance costs.

4:30 While you don’t have to notify the IRS every time you take money out, there are some things you should be aware of. Press play now for more.

5:51 Taking money out of a 529 account isn’t as complicated as it seems. Most plans allow you to either cut a check or electronic transfer.

6:26 Ever wondered what to do with the remaining 529 funds? Listen in as Richard and Angela discuss your options.

8:48 Now, let’s dive into our topic for this episode! Meet Andrew Perroy, General Manager at Honey Homes, a firm that’s majorly impacting how consumers get their home maintenance done.

10:11 What are the most common maintenance issues homeowners face? Andrew weighs in and talks more about the general stress a home goes through over time.

11:00 Budgeting for home repairs, especially if you’re a retiree on a fixed income, is tricky. Experts say 1-2% of your mortgage, but Honey Homes offers a different solution.

12:41 Find out how often big repairs (like roof replacements) actually come up for homeowners – the answer may surprise you.

14:08 Problems like the ones we’re discussing here tend to sneak up on homeowners, but with a solution like Honey Homes, you can avoid them. A seasoned tradesperson knows where to look.

16:28 There’s no “set it and forget it” regarding home maintenance. Honey Homes offers a seasonal perks program with all the seasonal tune-ups built into your membership, so you don’t have to be the expert.

16:57 Before we move on from budgets, let’s talk a bit more about setting aside maintenance money and why Honey Homes is so much more cost-effective.

18:32 Next, Andrew shares more insight about what members get when they sign up for a monthly or annual program.

20:24 Find out what the most common repair requests that come from homeowners.

22:18 Honey Homes has a rigorous screening and training process for their handyperson, setting them apart from its competitors and ensuring you work with only the best professionals.

26:20 How did Honey Homes get started?

27:53 If you’re located in these areas, Honey Homes is available to you!

28:28 Learn how Honey Homes differs from other home maintenance services, including Taskrabbit or Home Warranty Services.

32:16 Interested in knowing how much Honey Homes costs and what you get with it? There are two ways to engage with Honey Homes, monthly and annually. Start listening here for the details.

34:53 The way Honey Homes is set up encourages homeowners to be proactive with taking care of housing maintenance – without having to put in more work and saves you money in the long run.


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