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Year-End Reflections on the New Tax Law

Year-End Reflections on the New Tax Law We interrupt your busy holiday season with a reach-out on the recent U.S. tax code overhaul. While the ink still dries on this sweeping new legislation, you may be wondering whether there are ways you can or should spring into action immediately, before year-end, to reposition yourself for […]

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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency: What’s It All About?

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency: What’s It All About? Have you caught cryptocurrency fever, or are you at least wondering what it’s all about? Odds are, you hadn’t even heard the term until recently. Now, it seems as if everybody and their cousin are getting in on it. Psychologists have assigned a term to the angst you […]

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One simple (and unknown) trick that will increase your tax savings by more than 50% on your charitable contributions

By: Chris Hughes, CFP® Want to make a sizable donation to your favorite charity, or help a child out with a gift? Did you know that you could be missing out on significant tax savings when you gift using cash or checks?  We’re going to let you in on three great gifting strategies that are […]

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