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Being on a Roll, Part 2: Removing the Obstacles to Having an Effortless and Thriving Personal and Family Life

As we discussed previously, if we are going to be “on a roll” in our personal, business, and family lives, focusing on what is going right will generate more of those things that are going well.  Having this focus is like plugging ourselves into an unlimited personal source of power. In contrast, focusing on what’s […]

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Has the Market Finally Peaked?

With all three major US indices setting all-time records on Monday, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average blowing past the 18,600 level, many people are understandably questioning the market’s stratospheric levels and are asking if it has already topped. The answer depends on the time frame you are most concerned with. If you are worried about […]

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Your Credit Card: Consumer Superhero

Are you aware that the credit card in your wallet has real-life superpowers? It’s true! Got shafted by shoddy repairs on your car or home? If you paid with a credit card, you can get your money back almost instantly. Cruise line or travel agent won’t refund your deposit? Stop messing with them and just […]

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