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Should I Super-fund My Kid’s 529 Plan?

Over the past year, each member of  our staff has had a new baby (besides me of course, however Ingrid and I are hoping grandchildren may be in the near future!). New babies always stir up interest in 529 College Savings Plans. For some, the opportunity to “super-fund” a child’s 529 plan may be worth considering. […]

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A Note About Excessive Negativity

We’re in the midst of a tremendous wave of negativity about almost everything; politics, leadership, race relations, international relations, terrorism in the name of religion, the economy, the environment, college costs, and even the continued viability of our planet to support us. Man, it makes me feel miserable to just write all of that! In […]

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Financial Freedom for the Disabled

If you’re disabled, you no longer need to be broke to receive state benefits! Richard Del Monte joined “The Four” on 2 for the KTVU Fox 2 “Money Monday” segment yesterday to explain the  new ABLE tax-preferred investment accounts which benefit disabled residents. Check out the segment!

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10 Reasons to be Cheerful

Jim Parker, Outside the Flags Vice President Do you ever listen to the news and find yourself thinking that the world has gone to the dogs? The roll call of depressing headlines seems endless. But look beyond what the media calls news, and there also are a lot of things going right. It’s true the world […]

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