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Upcoming Events & Workshops!

Connecting with DMG is easier than ever, and there’s something for everyone! Want Richard or Chris to speak at your event? Please contact us!  Find an event or workshop:  Economic Update and Investing In Your future Speaker: Chris Hughes Host: Cal CPA Group January 12, 2017, Noon Chris will update CPAs on the financial markets, economy, […]

Dying Young: It Does Happen. Lessons From the Front Lines.

On February 8th, our daughter lost her wonderful new husband after being married only three months. Just 42 years young, he succumbed to a sudden cardiac arrest while taking out the garbage. I’d like to share three financial planning insights and lessons that I was reminded of as a result of this most horrible of family […]

How the Economic Machine Works – An Educational Video

Without enrolling in your local university, it’s difficult to find good educational information on how our economy and markets function. There’s a lot of misinformation out there, sometimes masked as marketing or entertainment (most financial “news”). Finally, we have discovered and excellent 30 minute video that explains how money flows in our economy, with an […]

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