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“Being Right” is Dead Wrong

My colleague, Andy Bryce, and I were able to spend two days last week working with a wonderful family who are in the middle of a multi-year transition of the family’s business to their very capable rising generation. Today, as we reflected on the progress the family had made together, Andy and I were musing […]

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Dow 20,000: Irrational Exuberance?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average topped 20,000 for the first time in history this week, and many are asking if this is the time to get out of the market. Buy low, sell high, right? This is a question I have been asked ever since I first started as a financial advisor in 1985. At […]

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Big Changes for 2017

Well, we have a brand new year, and with it comes much to think about in terms of coming up with a clear-eyed, pragmatic outlook for what we might expect over the next twelve months. I’m going to discuss two important topics in this article; what we might reasonably expect to see in the financial […]

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Market Update: Fourth Quarter 2016

2016 has to be one of the more fascinating years we have had in some time. From the rocky start in the stock market right out of the gate, to the toxic political environment during the presidential election, to the untimely deaths of a number of iconic musicians and actors, it seemed like 2016 had […]

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Being on a Roll, Part 4

We’re ready to take a deeper dive now, exploring the difference between analytical and intuitive thinking. Dr. Roger Sperry, a 1981 Nobel Prize winner, found that two distinctly different brains coexist inside our heads. Each processes information quite differently and independently from one another, using different processing languages.  As a result, each one accumulates and […]

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